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you are gorg from the home planet zorthan. you are battling all monsters on this planet so you can colonize. your planet is polluted and your kind cant live their anymore. once this planet does not have monsters you can take over. you are 67 years old. you just became old enough to be a warrior. each creature holds a random item that it lives off of. some have 2 items. they are very strange creatures and still need to be studied.
you were born in nursing area 24 with 500 others so you are pink
normally area 24 is for poor jobs such as slaves, but you were very special and you hold the power of healing. not too special since there are much other warriors with the same power. not all warriors use just magic. some use attack and defense, very few use the power of healing. healing is only for the chosen.

if i get 20$ from donations then i can make downloadable version and number 2

Published Aug 12, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
TagsAbstract, Aliens, Alternate History, Multiple Endings, pink
Average sessionA few minutes